Bùi Thị Thu Hà _ Architect
Co-Founder | Deputy Director of Design


Bachelor of Architecture
Hanoi University of Architecture, 2010

Career objective:

– Being in charge of managing and delivering projects with high standards, from design to construction.

– Engaging in sustainable and environmentally friendly architecture.

– Becoming an effective human resource manager in the field of architecture.

In 2016, I was responsible for both the design and management of the Capital House’s Main Office project, which need to satisfy all the requirements to get Lotus Green Building Certificate. Within an extremely short time frame, we needed to make a lot of changes in building functions as well as complex technical system, while ensure the compatibility with the existing standard of the building. After the experience, especially because the client is such a large corporation, I am now confident in my ability to professionally engage and manage projects of such nature effectively and efficiency.

Highend private dwellings such as Hoa Lan 6-26 villa or EcoLife Penthouse, where our clients are highly sophisticated and has experienced the high- est standard of living, were real challenges for us, both in term of bringing in the freshness, creativeness, and actually being able to realize the design. However, through continual efforts, my team and I were able to deliver the projects with the highest satisfaction from our clients. The knowledge and experience acquired through such projects enable me to lead projects for residential villas with scale beyond 1000 sq. meters.