Nguyễn Hữu Nam _ Architect
Design Manager


Bachelor of Architecture

Hanoi University of Architecture, 2016

Career objective:

– Practice sustainable architecture.

– Carry out the responsibility of an architect to bring higher living quality for the community.

– Studying the architecture history and theory to become more competent in both practice and theoretical aspects of architecture.

In 2016, I was responsible for both the design and management of the Capital House’s Main Office project, which need to satisfy all the requirements to get Lotus Green Building Certificate. Within an extremely short time frame, we needed to make a lot of changes in building functions as well as complex technical system, while ensure the compatibility with the existing standard of the building. After the experience, especially because the client is such a large corporation, I am now confident in my ability to professionally engage and manage projects of such nature effectively and efficiency.

My diverse experience since my early studying period, through a lot of design competitions and being interns for the designs of many housing proj- ects, has made me comprehend the importance of sustainable architecture and acquire the understanding of the approach.

Practicing architecture fulltime from the end of 2015, especially as the lead designer in charge of Winston Daycare and Nursery, I have been able to achieve the demanding level of creativity and openness so critical for preschool education, while meeting all the strict safety design requirements.

In 2017, I have worked on Vietnam Airlines Head- quarter project as a technical architect cum design supervisor on the field. After overcome the pressure of such time demanding construction (most of the works have to be done during night time), I have ad- vanced my ability for managing and working effec- tively with specialists and contractors to carry out and deliver projects with complex details and high aesthetic requirements, to be not only on time but also gaining satisfaction from major client like Vietnam Airlines.

Competitions & Award:
– 3rd Tie Prize, Speed design contest, Hanoi Univer- sity of Architecture, 2014.
– 1st Prize, SWAT studio workshop, organized by TU Delft School, Hanoi University of Architecture, Ha- noi University of Civil Engineering, 2014.
– 3rd Prize, Design Competition for Cultural Center in District 5, HCMC, organized by Graphisoft Japan, 2015.

I also participated in other competitions such as: International Velux Award for Student of Architecture, 2012; Design competition for E4G kindergarten, Vietnam Green Building Council 2014; SPEC Go Green design competition, 2015; Lowcarbon International student design competition. 2015