Nguyễn Lương Vũ _ Architect
Deputy Director of Construction


Bachelor of Architecture
Phuong Dong University, 2011

Career objective:

– Coordinate the execution of projects from design phase to completed construction with high quality standards.

– Build up knowledge, skills and experience to complete high-end housing projects

– Develop the company’s project manage- ment level to be able to deliver flawlessly construction of top-tier luxury resorts in Vietnam

Started as an architect, after participating in the construction of many projects with a collection of various functionalities, I found myself to be drawn strongly to housing projects, especially the ones with high standards. To me, the difficulty of the work is not merely challenge, but rather a motivation for me to improve myself. After a good work gets finished, being able to witness the happiness of the clients is the motivation that helps me moving forward in pursuit this profession with joy.